Effective link building campaigns will require proper planning and a huge time commitment. Since no one has an infinite amount of time, it’s important to try and build a system that will help you be efficient and productive. Often I hear my fellow internet marketers try to skip on an expense and go the labor intensive route. This is a huge mistake, to say the least. Your time is much more valuable spent on master minding the entire project and leaving the monkey wrench turning to a good link building software or tool. More importantly, to truly be successful with your link building campaigns it’s vital to have proper organization. Some of the link building search and management tools on the market are invaluable at keeping all your ducks in a row, not to mention your sanity intact.

Let’s look at some of the options and highlight what value they may be for you:

Advance Link Manager

Key Features:

Quickly and easily spot potential link partner and get a snapshot analysis.
Crawl through any domain to gather, organize, and sort the thousands of pages to your selected criteria.
Tons of useful reports about your web site and that of your competitor to analyze quality of links.
Decipher your competitor’s link building strategy, see what works and what doesn’t.
Manage your link exchange campaign and stay organized.